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Pearl Mountain Wines

Pearl Mountain wines are inspired by the dedication of 5 generations of Retiefs to this unique tract of terrior. The farm produces two ranges, Retief and Stubborn Man, under the Pearl Mountain label. All the grapes are grown on the farm and are sourced from single block vineyards on the cool, east-facing slopes of the Paarl Mountain.

Pearl Mountain

Every year we hand-select our best grapes to makes a limited number of wines for our Pearl Mountain range. The stains on the front labels of these wines are made from the mixture of clay soil and grapes from the varietal vineyard. Each label is individually splattered, making it entirely unique, just like the wines themselves.


Fresh aromas of green apple, citrus and delicate toasted vanilla notes on the nose. This is a well- balanced dry wine with crisp acidity complimented by a long lingering light oaky finish.

Pearl Mountain  AVIS - CHARDONNAY (WOODED) 2016

Toasty vanilla aromas together with citrus and dried apricot on the nose. This is a well-balanced wine complimented by buttery flavours on the palate with an oaky finish.

Pearl Mountain WAGON TRAIL – SHIRAZ  2016

This deep red wine has complex aromas of raspberries, blackberries and cocoa. It is soft, rich and full-bodied that combines for a lingering aftertaste of dark chocolate and all-spice on the palate.

Stubborn Man Wines

Since 1873 the Retief family have been living up to their name by battling the elements, great granite boulders, grey-suited bank managers, and of course, each other. Stubborn Man contains the fruits of that stubbornness: a particularly agreeable wine especially crafted to give life a little more flavour, just like all those stubborn people in your family and ours.

Stubborn Man CHENIN BLANC 2018

Zesty and crisp with refreshing acidity and full of tropical fruit and citrus flavours. Aromas of guava, litchi, pineapple and grapefruit on the nose.

Stubborn Man SAUVIGNON BLANC  2018

A zesty Sauvignon Blanc with a crisp finish and a good balance of acidity and residual sugar. Full of tropical fruit and grassy flavours, with intense passion fruit, pineapple, litchi and grapefruit characters on the nose.

Stubborn Man CHARDONNAY 2018

Frivolous & juicy expression of Chardonnay in its increasingly popular unwooded form. Freshly cut Granny Smith apple, grapefruit, and citrus blossom aromas introduce a palate that is lifted by bright acidity with a dry tail. Perfect al fresco summer companion, particularly suitable for shellfish and simply prepared white line fish dishes.

Stubborn Man ROSé 2018

A solid showing for the first Rosé, produced from equal parts Shiraz, Merlot and Cab Sauv. Well-balanced and dry with crisp acidity and medium body. Red berry flavours follow through on the palate with lingering floral notes, accompanied by delicate flavours of strawberry and raspberry fruits on the nose. A great accompaniment to seafood or creamy pasta dishes.

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